Aims of the Trust

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  • To survey, research and document the historic parks, gardens and significant open spaces in both counties for the benefit of the public record, students, historians and gardeners.

Protect & Conserve

  • To contribute at the local level to the role of The Gardens Trust, as a statutory consultee in planning consultations affecting historic parks, gardens and significant open spaces.
  • To help owners and Local Authorities in the protection, restoration and maintenance of historic designed landscapes and their settings and advise on the creation of new gardens.

Share & Enjoy

  • To encourage public access and a wider understanding of historic parks and gardens.
  • To stimulate public interest in our heritage of parks and gardens through visits, talks, exhibitions and publications.
  • To support an on-line resource of relevant advice and information for our members, Local Authorities and the public.


  • To raise awareness of the importance of historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes and of threats to their preservation.
  • To raise funds and seek grants where appropriate to the aims of the Trust.
  • To encourage membership of the Trust to help further its work.