Help for the Historic Landscape

Parks and gardens can be works of art: they may be of horticultural, architectural, scientific or historic importance. Above all, parks and gardens provide pleasure, refreshment and tranquillity. They are of great value to the whole community and the Hereford and Worcester Gardens Trust has been established to encourage their protection, conservation and enhancement. 

Broxwood DF Harry for website Hereford and Worcester were among the first counties to form an historic gardens trust and many other areas have now formed similar trusts which are also respected for the good work they are achieving. In 2015 the Garden History Society and the Association of Gardens Trusts amalgamated to form The Gardens Trust, a nationally established  'umbrella' organisation to enable the sharing of experience, expertise and ideas between county gardens trusts. The Hereford and Worcester Gardens Trust provides opportunities for assisting in the restoration and maintenance of historic gardens; we organise visits to notable parks and gardens both within and without the two counties; we run a winter programme of lectures by specialists in the field, and publish a regular newsletter containing articles and information on garden history and development in the area. Above all, we hope to persuade everyone in Hereford and Worcester that their historic landscape is worth preserving for the enjoyment of future generations. 

Our intention is to work with owners by providing expert advice, practical assistance and lobbying in their support. We will promote the restoration, re-creation and careful management of all gardens of historic or special interest. 

In a small country there are many pressures on land. Important parks and gardens become threatened for a variety of reasons such as the intrusion caused by commercial developments, housing, golf courses and new road alignments. The Trust will press for such schemes to make suitable provision for the preservation and enhancement of the historic landscape: protecting our historic parks and gardens for the enjoyment of all.